OSU Department of Entomology Ranks Among Top in NationCFAES Department of Entomology

OSU is the only University in Ohio to offer an undergraduate major in entomology. This major couples a strong background in the biological sciences with in-depth study of insect biology and applied entomology. 

Students learn insect physiology, behavior, ecology, taxonomy and systematics, toxicology, as well as beekeeping, veterinary and public health entomology, sustainable agriculture, and integrated pest management in agricultural, forest, and urban environments. There are opportunities for students to specialize in these areas and many opportunities for laboratory and field research experiences and internships.

Entomology Requirements

The Entomology Major requires completion of the general chemistry sequence, math through calculus, and the general biology sequence. Core courses in ecology, genetics, general entomology, and economic entomology are required. Many of the required courses have a laboratory component.

B.S. in Agriculture Entomology Major Requirements, Effective Autumn 2019

Pursuing Entomology at Ohio State

Students interested in majoring in entomology should have a high school background in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and skills in written and verbal communication. Students with such a background will find it easier to complete the college-level courses in mathematics and the physical and biological sciences required for the entomology major.butterfly


All Ohio State freshman applicants are considered within a competitive admission process for the Columbus campus. The primary criteria for admission are the completion of the applicant’s high school college preparatory program, performance in that program as indicated by class rank and/or grade-point average, and performance on either the ACT or SAT. Upon admission to the university, students interested in entomology should contact the coordinating advisor of the Entomology Department. The coordinating advisor will explain the requirements for an entomology major and will discuss student career plans and goals. A member of the entomology faculty will be assigned as the student’s major advisor. The student will meet with the advisor to develop a major program based on the student’s long-term interests.

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