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Shannon MS Defense

Graduate Student Defenses and Next Steps

Master of Science, Entomology
Johanna Schwartz, Advisor: N. Johnson, Explorations in Scelionid Evolution and Diversity
Next Steps: PhD program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Liam Whiteman, Advisor: Jamie Strange, Bumble Bee Pathogen Prevalence Determined by Host Species and Vary Across Land Covers
Next Steps:
Liam will be continuing his education in the CFAES Entomology PhD program at with Jamie’s lab.


Jonathan Lee-Rodriguez, Advisor: Luis Cañas, Transition Seminar: Using Environmental DNA to Detect and Identify Sweet Potato Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in Greenhouse Grown Tomato Plants
Next Steps:
Transition to CFAES Entomology PhD program with Luis’s lab (no master’s granted)

Doctor of Philosophy, Entomology
Kendall King, Advisor: N. Johnson, A Comprehensive Study of Trissolcus basalis Odorant Binding Proteins


Master in Plant Health Management (MPHM, a professional science master’s program)
Rachel Cochran, Advisor: Tilmon, Controlling slugs using cover crops - can it be done?

Olivia Lang, Advisors: Cañas, Leach, and Michel, 3D Printing: Engaging Stakeholders and Enhancing Extension
Next Steps: Olivia is pursuing a career in OSU Extension or CropKing.

Master of Science, Environmental Studies Graduate Program (ESGP)
Brandon Shannon, Advisor: Reed Johnson, Toxicity of Spray Adjuvants and Tank Mix Combinations to Honey Bees
Next Steps:
Brandon will be transitioning to the CFAES environmental sciences graduate PhD program with Reed in Wooster.


Undergraduate Research Theses and Next Steps

Maria Fiorta, Advisor: Meuti, Understanding how light pollution affects mosquito blood-feeding and molecular biology
Next Steps: Gap year before applying to graduate school in marine biology

Taylor Lowmiller, Advisor: Meuti, Effects of Photoperiod on the Daily Activity of the Northern House Mosquito, Culex pipiens
Next Steps: Master of nursing program to become a nurse practitioner

Sydney Robare, Advisor: Meuti, Evaluating Geospatial, Human Behavioral, and Social Drivers of Mosquito Abundance and West Nile Virus Disease Risk
Next Steps: Master’s in public health from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Lizzy Sakulich, Advisor: Strange, Landscape heterogeneity drives population structure in four western bumble bee species
Next Steps: Lizzy is an SENR forestry, fisheries, and wildlife major minoring in entomology. She will graduate with her BS in May and will be joining Karen Goodell’s lab for an MS this fall.