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Department of Entomology


Spring 2023 Honors and Awards

EGSA Student Organization Awards

Graduate Students

CFAES Student Organization Excellence Awards
EGSA, Community Engagement Award
EGSA, Outstanding New Activity Award

Entomology Department Graduate Student AwardsLydia Fyie - Teaching Award
Lydia Fyie, Advisors: Meuti and Gardiner, Susan W. Fisher Teaching Award 
Matthew Wolkoff, Advisor: Meuti, Lowell R. (“Skip”) Nault Research Award
Olivia Lang, Advisors: Cañas, Michel, and Leach, James E. Tew Extension Award
Erick Martinez-Rodriguez, Advisor: Piermarini, David J. Horn Service Award
Erick Martinez Rodriguez - Service Award

Brandon Shannon - DeLong Award

DeLong Award for Best Overall Student Presentation
Brandon Shannon, Advisor: R. Johnson, Poster

Root Award for Excellence in Agricultural and Urban Entomology
Olivia Lang, Advisors: Cañas, Leach, Michel, Agricultural Research Talk
Olivia Lang - Root Award

CFAES Annual Research Poster CompetitionValerie Anderson Presents Poster
Valerie Anderson, Advisor: Cañas, 1st place Master's level, Attraction of Female Fungus Gnats (Lycoriella spp.) to Oyster Mushrooms (P. ostreatus) and Oyster Mushroom Growing Media
Ellen Danford, Advisor: Gardiner, 2nd place Master's level,
Are there barriers to urban lady beetle conservation?

Grace Sward, Advisor: Cañas, 1st place PhD level, A peek at how different oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) hunting strategies impact fungus gnat (Lycoriella spp.) management

Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum
Brandon Shannon,
Advisor: R. Johnson, 3rd Place Biological Sciences Talk, $200

North Central Branch, Entomological Society of America Annual Research Competition
Yamikani Ng’ono, Advisor: Michel and Cañas, 1st place Poster, Surveying Cry1F resistance in European Corn Borer
Olivia Lang, Advisors: Cañas, Leach, Michel, 2nd place Master's level, Using a 3D Printed Tool to Encourage Accurate Decision Making
Grace Sward, Advisor: Cañas, 2nd place PhD level, Follow the curve, an analysis of organic insecticide efficacy against fungus gnat (Lycoriella spp.) larvae across three species of oyster mushrooms

Grant & Fellowship Awards
Lucy Guarnieri, Advisor: Gardiner, Constructing a framework for moth conservation in urban greenspace, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, $147,000

Dominique Magistrado, Advisor: Short, Investigating the Role of the Unfolded Protein Response in Tolerance to Bacterial Infection in the Mosquito Aedes Aegypti, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Program, $4,914
Erick Martinez-Rodriguez, Advisor: Piermarini, Killer Bud: Toxic and Repellent Effects of Cannabis Extracts on the Yellow Fever Mosquito Aedes Aegypti, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Graduate Program, $5000
Erick Martinez-Rodriguez, Advisor: Piermarini, EGSA Retreat, Council of Graduate Students Career Development Grant, $500

Yamikani Ng’ona, Advisor: Michel, Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research Fellowship Program, $ 195,000
Ellen Danford, Advisor: Gardiner, ESGP: Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research in Chile focused on habitat management to improve top-down regulation of the codling moth by parasitoids, as an ambassador for our newly established dual degree program with the Pontifica Universidad Catholica de Chile.

Travel Awards
Erick Martinez-Rodriguez,
Edward J. Ray Travel Award, $1000

UndergraduatesMatthew Semler with Dean Kress

CFAES Distinguished Senior Award
Matthew Semler
, Advisor: Raczkowski, Entomology News Article

Undergraduate Entomology Scholarship Recipients
Allison Davis and Laney Blagrave: Loren F. Steiner Entomology Memorial
Miabella Centuori, Mila Collete, Stephen Shemo, and Mathilda Daigle: Osborn Scholarship
Wanghao Shen, Abbie Korn, and Elliot Ross: Ralph Davidson Scholarship
Liam Richards, Hunter Parks, and Rachel Green: Dorothy Kuder Smith and Floyd F. Smith Scholarship
Rex Harvey-Thurston and Michaela Liptak: Hambleton Apiculture Scholarship

CFAES Annual Research Poster Competition
Sydney Robare, Advisor: Meuti, 1st place, Evaluating Geospatial, Human Behavioral, and Social Drivers of Mosquito Abundance and West Nile Virus Disease Risk

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
Maria Fiorta, Advisor: Meuti. 3rd place, Understanding how light pollution affects mosquito blood-feeding and molecular biology

FacultySarah Short Extension Award

Sarah Short, CFAES Distinguished Early Career Extension Faculty Award

Grant Awards
Mary Gardiner, Megan Meuti and James Strange, Aligning Investments in Greening and Mosquito Management to Support Bee and Human Health in Cities, USDA AFRI, $749,991
Ashley Leach, Bees & the bottom line: uncovering the effects of insecticides on crop pollination and yield, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, $736,956
Ashley Leach, Pollinators, Pests and Pathogens: Limiting agrichemical synergies to improve pollinator health, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Program, New Researcher Incentive Program, $54,775
Andy Michel, Bottom-up trophic cascades: How a changing climate can shift plant-pest-natural enemy dynamics, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, $552,890
Kayla Perry, Characterizing the legacy of emerald ash borer on ash populations near the epicenter of invasion in North America, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Program, New Researcher Incentive Program, $55,000
Kayla Perry, Novel monitoring strategies to assess forest recovery processes, Greenacres Foundation, $48,627
Sarah Short, Effects of a microsporidian parasite on the immune defense of the disease vector mosquito Aedes aegypti, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Program, New Researcher Incentive Program, $54,266Sarah DeVilbiss Staff Award


CFAES Staff Advisory Council Award
Sarah DeVilbiss, Administrative Assistant and Grad Studies Coordinator, Shirley Jones-Brooks Citizen Award

CFAES Annual Research Poster Competition
Nuris Acosta, Cañas and Piermarini Lab: 1st place Research Scientists, Evaluation of insecticidal activity of hemp extracts on Myzus persicae (Aphididae: Hemiptera)
Nuris Acosta Presents Poster

Grant Awards
Chia-Hua Lin, R. Johnson Lab: Time to spray, the clever way: Identifying the optimal timing for pesticide application during soybean bloom while minimizing impact on pollinators, OSU CFAES Internal Grants Program, New Researcher Incentive Program, $54,980
Chia-Hua Lin, R. Johnson Lab: The golden forage: Mustard cover crop as a floral resource and potential control for Vairimorpha (Nosema) infection in honey bees, Project Apis m. Healthy Hives Research Initiative, $93,435
Morgan Christman, Strange Lab: Investigating imperiled bumble bee species distributions and habitat associations. USDA-NIFA-AFRI-EWD Post-Doctoral Fellowship. $223,000