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Chrysalis Undergraduate Student Association

Contributed by Matthew Semler, Chrysalis president

Chrysalis had multiple meetings throughout the early spring semester focusing on game/entertainment events. We played Jeopardy and watched entomology-related shows and movies. In February, we visited the Triplehorn Collection as well as the Acarology Collection. We also went to the Franklin Conservatory on April 2 and went to the Adams Lab on April 11 for a tour. Chrysalis ended the semester strong with trips to the Cincinnati Zoo on April 22. We met with CFAES Entomology honey bee expert Reed Johnson, PhD, on Monday April 24, and we went to the deep woods for a weekend day-collecting trip to wrap up the academic year!

To join Chrysalis, contact CFAES Entomology undergraduate advisor Joe
Chrysalis at the Franklin Conservatory