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  1. Engaging OSU Students in Conservation Practices and Planning

    Ag and Urban engages students in real world applications at real world sites. Taught by David ... engineer in the Grand Lake area. Jerry Will sharing ag and water quality insights 1:1. Lou Brown, who owns ...

  2. May Session Course in Pictures

    year is  ENR 5194 Conservation Practices and Planning: Ag and Urban  taught by David Hanselmann. ...

  3. Ag Fertilizer Certification

    Topic:  Cover Crops & Soil Health w/ Steve Culman & Ryan Haden Click here for more information ...

  4. Agronomy School: Precision Ag Topic

    For more information- click here ...

  5. Ag Fertifizer Certification ...

  6. Buckeyes Are Toxic to (Real) Ducks, Say Ohio State Ag Experts, But Biggest Risk May Be on Football Field

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio buckeyes, experts say, can poison most livestock and wildlife. So what about ducks?  In theory, yes, say scientists with Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.  ...