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Art with Arthropods

Art with ArthopodsWe think insects are works of art, so why not use them as inspiration for our other artistic endeavors.

Join the bug zoo for a series of insect-inspired art projects. Each week, we’ll emphasize both the aesthetic value and ecological importance of these creatures. Let’s create some art with the residents of the bug zoo!

During each class, we will create two 6x6 panels – one for you to take home, and one which will be entered into the 6x6 show in October at the Wayne Center for the Arts. Proceeds from pieces sold during that show will be split between the arts center and the bug zoo. You can learn more about the 6x6 show here:

These programs are designed for adults and mature students 16+, except for May's session. Each session runs from 6-8pm at the bug zoo. Cost per session is $5/session - classes (except April) meet at the UTBZ in the Wooster Science Building on OSU’s Wooster Campus.

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January 16 – Watercolor “Unstill Life”
Meet some of our live (and lively!) residents and use them as models for watercolor paintings, all while learning about the different groups of insects. Don’t worry – we’ll have some templates and technique available to make this achievable for all art levels!

February 8 – Love Bugs Recycled Collage
Recycle old Valentines Day Cards into colorful 3-D bugs – the perfect gift for your hard-to-shop-for valentine! The bug zoo’s naturalist Carrie Elvey will be out of town this week at an artist residency in Pennsylvania, so we’ll Zoom into the blacksmith forge with her for some heavy metal insect inspiration.

March 28 – Walk Like and Egyptian (Scarab)
Explore insect movement while letting the insects be the artists! By gently painting insect feet and allowing them to wander the canvas, we can explore both movement patterns and create abstract works of art. (No insects are harmed in the making of these projects).

April (date tbd) - Stamp it, Don’t Stomp it
Learn about insect anatomy while creating stamps. We’ll use those stamps to create and decorate our canvas This session will be held at the Wayne Center for the Arts, where their talented instructors will help us work in their new printing studio.

May 16– “Bee”utiful Multigenerational Collage
Learn about the bumble bee species that live in Ohio and recreate your favorite species. This project is designed for one adult and one child to create together.

September 26 – Dead Bugs, New Art
Just in time for the Halloween season, we will explore the beauty, texture, and adaptations of insects by using real legs, wings, and head capsules from dead insects to create a collage.