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About the UTBZ

United Titanium Bug Zoo programs are designed to ignite curiosity.

We promote scientific thinking and provide hands-on learning opportunities in a safe and engaging environment. Programs aim to inspire students to appreciate and respect the natural world while fostering a lifelong love for learning and scientific exploration.

Our Bug Zoo is a curated collection of live insects and other arthropods for the purpose of education and outreach.  Newly named in 2020 The United Titanium Bug Zoo, after the generous contribution of the local Wooster manufacturer, the UTBZ now is housed in the Wooster Science Building on the Ohio State CFAES Campus in Wooster, Ohio.

Programs & Events

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UTBZ Newsletter

UTBZ Newsletter

Introduction to the United Titanium Bug Zoo

FaceBook Watch video produced by CFAES Communications

Virtual tour of UTBZ & wooster research facilities

Still image from United Titanium Bug Zoo portion of Virtual Tour

Meet the collection

Meet The Collection

bug zoo Origins: a brief history

Poster image from the original Bug Zoo showcase at 1994 BiOhio event