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Department of Entomology

Tae Lee, in Secrest Arboretum Sept 2021

Outreach and Education

We dispel the myths and ignite curiosity in the unseen world of Arthropods, to entice budding young entomologists into the exciting field of Entomology.ENT dragonfly

Columbus Insectary & BUGmobile

Wooster United Titanium Bug Zoo

Pollinator Education

Other Outreach Activities

Many people fear insects, resulting in an inability to appreciate and understand the significant contributions of Arthropods on the health of our planet. By maintaining a collection of live animals that are accessible and presented in a non-threatening way, one is able to see them in a new light. This hands-on approach allows people of all ages to explore the wonders of insects in a safe environment.

Wooster Bug Zoo Feature in Ohio State Alumni Magazine, Spring 2022

DesertMilleped-KChamberlain-OSUBlue Death Feigning Beetle, by Ken ChamberlainSalmon Pink Bird Eating Tarantula, by Ken ChamberlainVinegaroon, by Ken Chamberlain