Our People

Name Title Office Contact Information
Acosta, Nuris Research Assistant 2-B/H 212 Thorne acosta.26@osu.edu
Anelli, Carol Professor 253 Kottman Hall anelli.7@osu.edu
Baker, Steve Fiscal Officer 216A Kottman Hall baker.440@osu.edu
Basnagala, Suranga Research Associate 201 Thorne Hall basnagala.1@osu.edu
Bienemann, Rachel Graduate Student, MPHM Thorne Annex bienemann.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Boggs, Joe Assistant Professor Ohio State Extension, Hamilton County boggs.47@osu.edu
Canas, Luis Associate Professor 105 Thorne Annex canas.4@osu.edu
Correa Pavinato, Vitor Postdoctoral Scholar 222 Thorne Hall correapavinato.1@osu.edu
Dean, Donald Professor Emeritus dean.10@osu.edu
Denlinger, David Distinguished University Professor, and Professor Emeritus of Entomology denlinger.1@osu.edu
DeVilbiss, Sarah Office Manager 216 Kottman Hall DeVilbiss.14@osu.edu
Eaton, Tyler Research Associate 1-B/H Rothenbuhler Bee Lab eaton.160@osu.edu
Edwards, Clive Professor Emeritus edwards.9@osu.edu
Ellsworth, Denise Program Director, Pollinator Education Wooster Campus Science Building ellsworth.2@osu.edu
Esquivel Palma, Carlos Postdoctoral Scholar Thorne Annex esquivelpalma.1@osu.edu
Filbrun, Jennifer Program Coordinator Thorne Hall Filbrun.13@osu.edu
Fisher, Susan Professor Emerita fisher.14@osu.edu
Foster, Woodbridge Professor Emeritus foster.13@osu.edu
Fyie, Lydia Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall fyie.1@osu.edu
Gardiner, Mary Professor and Graduate Studies Chair 251 Kottman Hall gardiner.29@osu.edu
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Hacker, James Research Associate 2-B/H Thorne Annex hacker.1@osu.edu
Hall, Franklin Professor Emeritus hall.1@osu.edu
Hammond, Ronald Professor Emeritus hammond.5@osu.edu
Headings, Mark Professor Emeritus headings.1@osu.edu
Horn, Dave Professor Emeritus horn.1@osu.edu
Hoy, Casey Professor, Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystem Management, Faculty Director, the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation 201 Thorne Hall, OARDC Wooster Campus hoy.1@osu.edu
Johnson, Norman Moser Chair in Arthropod Systematics and Biological Diversity 1220A Museum of Biological Diversity johnson.2@osu.edu
Johnson, Reed Associate Professor 118 Thorne Hall Thorne johnson.5005@osu.edu
Kelly, Brendan Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall kelly.1504@osu.edu
King, Kendall Graduate Student 1220A Museum of Biological Diversity king.2488@osu.edu
Klein, Michael Associated Faculty Thorne Hall klein.10@osu.edu
Klinger, Ellen Assistant Professor Professional Practice 255 Kottman Hall klinger.80@osu.edu
Klompen, Hans Professor 1380 Museum of Biological Diversity klompen.1@osu.edu
Kovach, Joseph Professor Emeritus kovach.49@osu.edu
Lee, Tae-Young Graduate Student Rothenbuhler Bee Lab lee.8230@osu.edu
Lee-Rodriguez, Jonathan Graduate Student Thorne Annex lee-rodriguez.1@osu.edu
Lin, Chia-Hua Research Scientist Rothenbuhler Bee Lab lin.724@osu.edu
Magistrado, M. Dominique Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall magistrado.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Martinez Rodriguez, Erick Visiting Scholar Thorne Hall martinezrodriguez.2@osu.edu
McKenzie, Hannah Graduate Student Thorne Hall mckenzie.387@osu.edu
McMinn-Sauder, Harper Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall mcminn.9@osu.edu
McPheron, Bruce Executive Vice President and Provost mcpheron.24@osu.edu
Meuti (Nicol), Megan Assistant Professor 232C Howlett Hall meuti.1@osu.edu
(614) 688-2829
Michel, Andrew Professor 210 Thorne michel.70@osu.edu
Moore, Iliana Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall moore.4472@osu.edu
Nault, Lowell "Skip" Professor Emeritus nault.1@osu.edu
Needham, Glen Professor Emeritus needham.1@osu.edu
Nielsen, David Professor Emeritus nielsen.2@osu.edu
Niemczyk, Harry Professor Emeritus niemczyk.1@osu.edu
Parker, Denisha Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall parker.1052@osu.edu
Parker, Erin Office Associate 108 Thorne Hall parker.1390@osu.edu
Peffers, Caitlin Graduate Student 216 Kottman Hall peffers.2@osu.edu
Pekarcik, Adrian Graduate Student Thorne Hall pekarcik.4@osu.edu
Perry, Kayla I Postdoctoral Scholar Thorne Annex perry.1864@osu.edu
Phelan, Larry Professor 122 Thorne Hall phelan.2@osu.edu
Philip, Benjamin Lecturer 232D Howlett Hall philip.12@osu.edu
Piermarini, Peter Associate Professor 224 Thorne piermarini.1@osu.edu
Raczkowski, Joe Assistant Professor Professional Practice, Undergraduate Advisor 257 B Howlett Hall raczkowski.2@osu.edu
Radl, James Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall radl.3@osu.edu
Ranger, Christopher Associated Faculty USDA-ARS, Horticultural Insects Research Lab christopher.ranger@ars.usda.gov
Raudenbush, Amy Research Associate 2-B/H Thorne Hall raudenbush.3@osu.edu
Ravlin, William Professor Emeritus ravlin@msu.edu
Ricke, Dylan Graduate Student Thorne Hall ricke.10@osu.edu
Ruisch, Jeni Academic Program and Outreach Director Rothenbuhler Bee Lab Ruisch.2@osu.edu
Schwartz, Johanna Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall schwartz.2085@osu.edu
Scott, Sarah Graduate Student 272 Howlett scott.2094@osu.edu
Shepard, Caralee Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall shepard.240@osu.edu
Shetlar, David Professor Emeritus Bee Laboratory shetlar.1@osu.edu
Short, Sarah Assistant Professor 232B Howlett hall short.343@osu.edu
Siperstein, Alden Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall siperstein.1@osu.edu
Strange, Jamie Chair and Professor 216 Kottman Hall strange.54@osu.edu
(614) 292-8209
Sward, Grace Graduate Student Thorne Annex 209 sward.6@osu.edu
Tew, James Professor Emeritus tew.1@osu.edu
Tilmon, Kelley Associate Professor 120 Thorne Hall tilmon.1@osu.edu
Trabanino Pino, Ana Graduate Student Thorne Hall trabaninopino.1@osu.edu
Triplehorn, Charles Professor Emeritus triplehorn.1@osu.edu
Turo, Katherine Graduate Student 272 Howlett turo.2@osu.edu
Vacheresse, Dominique Instructional Aids Assistant Vacheresse.7@osu.edu
Vik, Kristina Research Assistant 2-B/H Rothenbuhler Bee lab vik.2@osu.edu
Wallace, Lucinda Research Assistant 2-B/H Thorne wallace.25@osu.edu
Welty, Celeste Associate Professor Rothenbuhler Bee Lab welty.1@osu.edu
Whiteman, Liam Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall whiteman.70@osu.edu
Williams, Roger Professor Emeritus williams.14@osu.edu
Wolkoff, Matthew Graduate Student 272 Howlett Hall wolkoff.13@osu.edu