Bedbugs Still Major Problem: TV Campaign Teaches Ohioans Do's and Don'ts

Aug. 8, 2013

Ohio continues to be one of the states most affected by bedbug infestations in the U.S. To remind Ohioans that they shouldn't let their guard down when it comes to preventing and dealing with this troublesome pest, Ohio State has put together three public service announcements, funded by a grant from OSU Extension's Integrated Pest Management Program. 

Oilseed Crops on Mellinger Farm

July 18, 2013

Oilseed crops such as flax and camelina are growing and blooming again at the Mellinger Farm in Wooster, thanks to an Ohio State University research project that seeks to evaluate their many uses, including as animal feed and biofuel, and their potential to help diversify Ohio farms and boost their sustainability.

Asiatic Garden Beetle Could be Cause for Concern for Northern Ohio Corn

June 17, 2013

Northern Ohio corn growers who’ve experienced unexplained stand loss for the past couple of years may have fields that are infested with Asiatic garden beetle grubs. The grubs are a relatively new pest to Ohio field crops and have the potential to cause significant economic losses for growers, an Ohio State University Extension entomologist said. 



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