Concerns Over Chagas Disease and Kissing Bugs in Ohio Unwarranted

Dec. 11, 2015

The risk of contracting this disease in Ohio is extremely low. Chagas disease is a chronic illness caused by a protozoan parasite (Trypanosoma cruzi) that is similar to the one that causes African sleeping sickness.  In brief, when an infected kissing bug feeds on a human host, the parasite can be transmitted to humans.  Chagas disease is an important illness throughout Central and South America. Read 12/22/15 story here.

Jul 18, 2015, 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Department Student Win Awards

June 22, 2017

Help us congratulate our award winners from the 2017 Entomological Society of America meeting!

Graduate Student Scholarship: 

Katie Todd (The Ohio State University)

John Henry Comstock Award:

Kayla Perry (The Ohio State University)

Linnaean Games:
1st Place, The Ohio State University (team members - James Radl, Robin Bautista-Jimenez, Emily Justus, Adrian Pekarcik; Alternates - Zach Griebenow, Alex Tyrpak; Coach – Joe Raczkowski)

Entomology graduate students win awards at the International Congress of Entomology

Oct. 3, 2016

We wanted to share the exciting news of our students, who competed and won awards for presentations of their research:

  • Molly Dietrich Mabin: second place (advisors Celeste Welty & Mary Gardiner) 
  • Kayla Perry: first place (advisor Dan Herms)
  • Katherine Todd: second place (advisor Mary Gardiner)
  • Drew Spacht: first place (advisor Dave Denlinger)
  • Liu Yang: first place (advisor Pete Piermarini)
  • Erin O’Brien: first place (advisor Dan Herms)
  • Huayan Chen: first place (advisor Norm Johnson) 

In addition, winners of the Triplehorn Challenge (a timed tournament of curatorial pinning skills):

  • 1st place Alice Vossbrinck (Masters in Plant Health Management student from Entomology)
  • 2nd place Andrea Kautz (MS graduate in Entomology)

DNA and a Supercomputer Partner to Sustain Honey Bees: New Research from Ohio State

Nov. 13, 2015

To uncover what plants honey bees rely on, researchers are using the latest DNA sequencing technology and a supercomputer. They spent months collecting pollen from beehives and have developed a multi-locus metabarcoding approach to identify which plants, and what proportions of each, are present in pollen samples.

A single colony can collect pollen from dozens of different plant species, and this pollen is useful evidence of the colony’s foraging behavior and nutrition preferences. Full Story Here

Ohio Valley Entomological Association

Oct. 28, 2015

Six graduate students from the Entomology Department traveled to Lexington KY in October to attend the Ohio Valley Entomological Association’s Annual Forum. Molly Dieterich, MaLisa Spring, Doug Sponsler, Chris Riley, Katie Todd, and Yvan Delgado de la Flor all presented as part of the student paper competition. Two OSU students won awards at the event: Katie Todd won first place and MaLisa Spring received second place in the MS student competition.

Chris Riley was elected President-Elect of OVEA. He will organize the 2017 meeting in Ohio. The 2016 conference will be hosted by Purdue University.



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