These outreach efforts are sponsored by Entomology faculty, staff and students. Contacts are provided for each program below.

A Bug’s World

This day-long event provides entomology instruction and activities on the Wooster campus to 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Contact Denise Ellsworth for more information or Join our teacher mailing list.

The Bug Zoo

The Entomology Department curates a collection of live critters for outreach actvitites on or near campus. Contact Jeni Filbrun (Wayne County area) or Jeni Ruisch (Franklin County area).

EGSA, the Entomology Graduate Student Association, outreach programs and efforts for youth groups or adult programs. 

Insect Night

This free, public event is held at Secrest Arboretum each summer. Join our mailing list to learn more about future events.

More about the: OSU Museum of Biological Diversity

  • Museum Open House, a free event on the Columbus campus that attracts thousands of visitors. 

4-H Entomology Project Books

Three insect-related project guides offer activities, weblinks and videos for young entomologists. Find project books here.