Pollination Resources for Educators

These recources were compiled by a NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Task Force) subcommittee.



National Park Service Pollinator Curriculum, Middle School


Middle School curriculum and activity guide for bee awareness.

Nature's Partners: A Comprehensive Pollinator Curriculum for Grades 3-6


Nature's Partners is a free, inquiry learning-based curriculum for young people in the 4th through the 6th grade. It is comprised of seven modules. You can use entire curriculum or pieces. 

Bee Smart School Garden Kit


This kit guides students in grades 3 to 6 through a discovery process that increases their understanding in science, math, and language arts by connecting them to plants, pollinators, food, and potentially - gardens. $150.

Lesson Plans and Activities

National Park Service Pollinator Activities and Resources



Seven activities related to pollinators and habitat, various age levels.

Pollinator Friendly Meal Ideas

http://pollinator.org/Resources/Pollinator Recipes 4 6 07 AZ.pdf

A full menu from appetizers to desserts and cocktails using pollinated food and ingredients.

Plant and Animals: Partners in Pollination from Smithsonian Education


Three lesson plans on pollination, with reproducible pages and resources.

Pollinator Activity Book


Bee Pollen Popular!  Downloadable USDA activity book with coloring pages and games about pollinators.

Pollinator Partnership's Pollinator Gardening Lesson


This is a supplemental curriculum packet for grades k-12 that enriches classroom education through butterfly and pollinator gardens. It includes exercises to expand on and enforce what students have learned about butterfly and pollinator gardens, pollinators, other insects, their relatives and biodiversity.

Discovery Education Pollination Idea- Butterflies Lesson Plans


For grades K-5.  Students will: 1) Understand the pollination process and show examples of bee pollination on specific plants; 2) Understand the interdependence between insects, plants, and humans; 3) Understand that insects can have a negative impact on their ecosystem.

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc.

What's the Buzz on Bees? 



Discovery Education Pollination Idea- Plant Pollination Lesson Plans


For grades 6-8.  Students will: 1) Identify the different parts of a flower and understand their functions; and 2) Understand the importance of pollen for plant reproduction and diversity.

PBS Pick the Pollinator Game


In this game, match seven plants with their pollinators and learn why flowering plants have come to dominate the botanical world.

Resources for Educators

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign Brochures

http://www.pollinator.org/nappc/brochures.htm - school

Link to a selection of pollinator brochures that you can download for free or order printed copies for only the cost of shipping and handling ($7).

Pollinator Syndromes



One page fact sheet outlining plant characteristics and associated pollinators.

Bee Identification Guides


Identification guides for Arizona, Montana and Ohio; free PDF download.

Fish and Wildlife Service Pollinator Portal



Celebrating Wildflowers - U.S. Forest Service


US Forest Service Wildlfower resource page including: wildflower of the week, wildflower news, viewing areas and more!

Our Future Flies on the Wings of Pollinators - US Forest Service


US Forest Service Pollinator resource page including: pollinator of the month, pollinator spotlights, and more!

Pollinator Partnership Posters for the Classroom


Link to Posters and other printed pollinator materials.  Posters are free but Pollinator Partnership does ask that you pay shipping and handling.

National Academies Resources on Pollinators


This site includes pollinator related facts, activities and teacher resources from the National Academy of Sciences

Pollinator Live


Find a series of live interactive webcasts, satellite field trips, and web seminars about pollinators, gardening, and conservation.  PollinatorLIVE is geared to grades 4 to 8.

List of Pollinated Foods


An introductory list of food plants and their pollinators.

Chocolate and Pollinators


NAPPC fact sheet about chocolate and its pollinators.

Monarch Butterfly Resources