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Department of Entomology


Entomology Stridulations: Spring 2023

Newsletter Editor: Erin Parker

Department Announcements

  1. We are delighted to announce the Faustini Entomology Scholarship, that will provide one or more scholarships to undergrad students in the Department of Entomology!

Awards and Honors

  1. EGSA Student Organization Awards

    Entomology students, faculty and staff of all levels were awarded many honors this spring semester, explore our extensive accomplishments!

Graduating Student Projects and Next Steps

  1. Shannon MS Defense

    Our graduate students are excelling! Seven graduate students are moving on to their next steps or continuing their studies with us, while four undergraduates completed research theses.

Outreach Highlights

  1. Orange Lubber Grasshopper

    Contributed by Jeni Ruisch, program director, Insectary and BUGmobile

  2. Contributed by Denise Ellsworth, program director, Pollinator Education

  3. Contributed by Jeni Filbrun, program manager, United Titanium Bug Zoo

Publications and Courses

  1. Discover the research publications, 3-D printed extension products and Entomology courses taught this semester.

Entomology Student Groups

  1. Contributed by Matthew Semler, Chrysalis president

  2. EGSA members at Blue Jackets Game

    EGSA accomplished a tremendous amount this semester: winning CFAES student organization awards, hosting an EGSA retreat, Bug Zoo open houses, fun get togethers and more!