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United Titanium Bug Zoo Highlights

UTBZ Alumni Magazine Feature

Contributed by Jeni Filbrun, program manager, UTBZ

It has been one year ago this month that the first animal, our salmon pink bird-eating tarantula was on display in the UTBZ! We have been busy designing displays, securing the APHIS permit, and bringing the classroom to life! Be sure and check out the Ohio State Entomology UTBZ website, where we have been adding to the “Meet the Collection” section, and subscribe to the UTBZ blog! We have teamed up with our dedicated Insect Ambassador volunteers to bring you the latest happenings at the zoo!UTBZ featured on CFAES FaceBook Live Channel, with Jeni Filbrun, MPHM student Olivia Lang, and PhD student Grace Sward

Here are some recent activities in the UTBZ:

tour of Wooster Entomology Bug Zoo and Research Facilities


Featured Arthropods

Salmon Pink Bird-Eating Tarantula

VinegaroonTwo-Stripe Walking Stick