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Entomology Student Group Highlights

EGSA at the Insect Night Walk, Secrest Arboretum, June 2019

Entomology Graduate Student Association

Contributed by Grace Sward, current president, EGSA

EGSA website: Kendall King, media officer, EGSA, has created our new official EGSA website through Squarespace, which has now passed the voting to go live. It will host our EGSA activities and outreach updates along with hosting our virtual outreach.

Insect Nightwalk: Iliana Moore has spearheaded organizing this year’s first in-person Insect Nightwalk since the pandemic. We are collaborating with the UTBZ to bring a fun and interesting event later this summer.EGSA

Virtual Outreach: The virtual outreach committee has officially published our first video exploring Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The creation of that video was led by Caralee Shepard. Another virtual outreach presentation on silk moths of ancient China is in its final stages. Its creation is led by Brendan Kelly. These videos will be hosted on the new EGSA website.

EGSA Member Milestones: Adrian Pekarcik, PhD, defended his dissertation. Dylan Ricke defended his thesis. Dominique Magistrado successfully transitioned to the PhD program, and Grace Sward passed her PhD candidacy exams. 

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Chrysalis Undergraduate Student Association

Contributed by Camden Dezse, president, Chrysalis

At the beginning of the spring 2022 semester, Chrysalis held a virtual Jeopardy night, as student organizations were not allowed to meet in person for much of the semester. The game night allowed members to test their knowledge of insects and other arthropods! Mid-semester, Chrysalis took a trip to Ohio State’s Museum of Biological Diversity for a tour of the C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection graciously given by Dr. Musetti. At the end of the semester, Chrysalis explored the Blooms and Butterflies at the Franklin Park Conservatory. 

To join Chrysalis, contact Joe Raczkowski,, undergraduate advisor, Ohio State Entomology.