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Department of Entomology


Entomology Stridulations: Autumn 2022

The summer and autumn are often referred to as a “growing season” and our department certainly took advantage of this time.  We grew our faculty and staff, expanded laboratory and research capacity, and transitioned our collaboration with the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic to Wooster. Construction begins soon to welcome our departmental USDA-ARS colleagues to the Wooster Science Building.

Newsletter Editor: Erin Parker

Department Announcements

  1. We expanded our faculty by hiring two forest entomologists.

Awards and Honors

  1. Bold indicates current department member or student.

Outreach Highlights

  1. Jeni Ruisch with Dean Kress at Farm Science Review

    Contributed by Jeni Ruisch, program director, Insectary and BUGmobile

  2. Post-doc Luis Martinez Villegas with UTBZ Australian Walking Stick

    Contributed by Jeni Filbrun, program manager, United Titanium Bug Zoo

  3. Course participants at The Dawes Arboretum

    Contributed by Denise Ellsworth, program director, Pollinator Education

Publications and Courses

  1. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Featured Project

  1. Research Focus: Metal contamination threatens bumble bee foraging efficiency in cities

Entomology Student Groups

  1. Contributed by Matthew Semler, Chrysalis President

  2. Contributed by Erick Martinez Rodriguez, EGSA president