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Department of Entomology


Luis Canas, PhD, Associate Professor

Luis Canas, Associate Professor of Entomology and State Extension Specialist

Luis Cañas fills multiple roles at Ohio State. In addition to being Associate Professor in Entomology, he is the Extension State Specialist for Controlled Environment Entomology and Director of International Programs in Agriculture at CFAES.

The Cañas research program focuses on integrated pest management of insects in controlled environments. His research investigates the use of integrated pest management tactics such as cultural, biological, and chemical control, and provides applied solutions to problems caused by thrips, whiteflies, and mites among others. Luis is the Extension state specialist for controlled environment entomology and provides pest management support and education for growers, industry representatives, and county Extension educators. His lab has one research associate, Nuris Acosta, and four graduate students, Grace Sward, Jonathan Lee-Rodriguez, Valerie Anderson, and Olivia Lang. Luis teaches three graduate level courses on integrated pest management, biological control, and greenhouse pests and plant health.

Luis Canas and Lab Members