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Contributed by Out-going EGSA President, Adrian Pekarcik

A media officer position was officially created with Kendall King as the first officer for the Entomology Graduate Student Association (EGSA). Kendall will be responsible for running and maintaining EGSA’s online website and account, and promoting the group with respect to outreach activities, fundraising initiatives, and advertising in coordination with other committees and the department. EGSA held their elections on Aug. 5, 2021. We would like to thank all outgoing officers for their hard work and contributions to EGSA! We also wish our incoming officers much success in the incoming year, especially as we continue to resume in-person activities.

Outgoing Officers 202021:
President: Adrian Pekarcik
Vice President: Brendan Kelly
Treasurer: James Radl
Curriculum: Lydia Fyie

Graduate Studies: Sarah Scott
Media Officer: Kendall King
Outreach: Tae Lee
Scholarship and Awards: Katie Turo
Seminar (Columbus): Dom Magistrado
Seminar (Wooster): Dylan Ricke
Social (Columbus): Caitlin Peffers
Social (Wooster): Dylan Ricke
Undergraduate Affairs: Alden Siperstein

Incoming Officers 2021–22:
President: Grace Sward
Vice President: Brendan Kelly
Treasurer: James Radl
Curriculum: Kyle Akred

Graduate Studies: Dominique Magistrado
Media Officer: Kendall King
Outreach: Iliana Moore
Scholarship and Awards: Johanna Schwartz
Seminar (Columbus): Caralee Shepard
Seminar (Wooster): Dylan Ricke
Social (Columbus): Sarah Scott
Social (Wooster): Ana Trabanino
Undergraduate Affairs: Hannah McKenzie