Entomology Stridulations: Autumn 2021

Newsletter Editor: Erin Parker

Department Announcements

  1. As we wrap up autumn semester 2021, it is a good time to take stock of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. For those of you who don’t get to campus much, it might surprise you to see how normal it can seem, though a year ago it was much different.

Featured Researcher

  1. Luis Cañas fills multiple roles at Ohio State. In addition to being Associate Professor in Entomology, he is the Extension State Specialist for Controlled Environment Entomology and Director of International Programs in Agriculture at CFAES.

Outreach Highlights

  1. Contributed by UTBZ Program Manager, Jeni Filbrun

    Entomology welcomed benefactors from United Titanium Inc. (UTI), on Aug. 31, 2021, for the official ribbon cutting of the United Titanium Bug Zoo (UTBZ) and an up-close-and-personal visit with several of the inhabitants.

  2. Contributed by Insectary and Outreach Program Director, Jeni Ruisch

  3. Contributed by Pollinator Education Program Director, Denise Ellsworth

Featured Bug Zoo Arthropods


    Contributed by Insectary and Outreach Program Director, Jeni Ruisch

    Tliltocatl vagans, formerly known as Brachypelma vagans, commonly known as Mexican Red Rump

    Habitat/Range: Shrublands in the Yucatan Peninsula. These spiders are the most tropical in the genus Tlitocatl.

    Diet: Small arthropods such as crickets, cockroaches, other spiders. Occasionally small reptiles or rodents.

  2. Contributed by UTBZ Program Manager, Jeni Filbrun

Awards and Honors

  1. Faculty Honors and Awards Honors - faculty

    Casey Hoy: 2021 Fellow of the Entomological Society of America


  1. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

    *indicates recently graduated PhD/MS student; post-doc; visiting scholar; or undergraduate, advised by Entomology faculty


  1. Luis Canas

    ENTMLGY 5610 Greenhouse Plant Health and Pest Management, 3 units (12 students)

    ENTMLGY 7999 Research in Entomology, MS, 1–16 units (3 students)

    ENTMLGY 8998 Research in Entomology, PhD Pre-Candidacy, 1–16 units (3 students)

Entomology Student Groups

  1. Contributed by Camden Dezse, Chrysalis President 2021-2022

  2. Contributed by Out-going EGSA President, Adrian Pekarcik

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