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Entomology Stridulations: Spring 2024

Entomology Stridulations, Spring 2024

Department Announcements, From the Chair, Jamie Strange, PhD

Greetings Friends of Entomology! What a semester we have had in the Department of Entomology. You will notice a lot of pictures of smiling faces in this newsletter as we highlight our department's award winners from this spring. Our department awards committee, chaired by Dr. Sarah Short, has been busy nominating our amazing faculty, staff, and students for awards at the departmental, college, university, and society levels and their efforts have paid off this spring. While all of these awards were deserved and are points of pride, I want to highlight the OSU Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching that both Dr. Joe Raczkowski and Dr. Frances Sivakoff won this year. These two awards highlight the dedication of our faculty to providing the best instruction possible for our students. In addition to those awards, the Entomology Graduate Student Association was awarded with both The Ohio State University Student Life Leadership Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Program and the CFAES Student Organization Collaboration Award. These underscore the work our students have dedicated to building a strong program and community of students that serves each other, the department, and the broader community.

I further want to recognize three faculty who have earned promotions this year. Dr. Reed Johnson was promoted to Professor, Dr. Joe Raczkowski was promoted to Associate Professor of Practice, and Dr. Ellen Klinger was promoted to Associate Professor of Practice. Finally, I want to recognize Dr. Bruce McPheron who is retiring in June. Bruce has served at all levels in this university and his leadership will be missed.

Please join me in congratulating all those who have accomplished great things this spring, we truly are a department focused on excellence.

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