Entomology Stridulations: Spring 2022

Hope springs eternal, and in the Spring of 2022, we had many reasons to be hopeful. Read about the award-winning activities of the Ohio State Entomology department in the spring 2022 issue of our newsletter!

We hope to see you at our upcoming Wooster Science Building Open House on May 19 from approximately 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. We will end the event with the Award Ceremony for our 2021-2022 Entomology Graduate Student Award winners.

Newsletter Editor: Erin Parker

Department Announcements

  1. From the chair, Jamie Strange, PhD

Awards and Honors

  1. Undergraduate Student Honors and Awards

    CFAES Distinguished Senior Award Camden Dezse, Advisor: Sarah Short

Graduate Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

  1. Doctor of Philosophy, Entomology

    Adrian Pekarcik, Advisor: Kelley Tilmon. “Ecology and management of the Asiatic garden beetle, Maladera formosae, in corn-soybean rotated agroecosystems”

Outreach Highlights

  1. Contributed by Jeni Ruisch, director, Insectary and Outreach Program

  2. Contributed by Jeni Filbrun, program manager, UTBZ

  3. Contributed by Denise Ellsworth, director, Pollinator Education Program

Publications and Courses

  1. Spring 2022 Extension Materials

    Identification, monitoring, & management of Asiatic Garden Beetle in Field Crops. Adrian Pekarcik, Kelley Tilmon, Eric Richer, Chris DiFonzo, Bruce Mackellar, updated 2022

Featured Faculty

  1. Ohio State alumna Megan Meuti earned bachelor’s degrees in entomology and microbiology in 2008, and her PhD in entomology in 2014, all from Ohio State.

Entomology Student Groups

  1. Entomology Graduate Student Association

    Contributed by Grace Sward, current president, EGSA

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