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Department of Entomology


Spring 2021 Publications & Courses

June 1, 2021
two aphids on plant stem, photo: S. Upperman

Recent Journal Articles 

Entomology published more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles during Spring 2021 semester!

*indicates recently graduated PhD/MS student, PostDoc, Visiting Scholar, or Undergraduate, advised by Entomology Faculty 

  1. Coates et al. 2020. Genome scan detection of selective sweeps among biotypes of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, with differing virulence to resistance to A. glycines (Rag) traits in soybean, Glycine maxInsect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 124: 103364. 
  2. Cordeiro EMG, Pantoja-Gomez LM, de Paiva JB, Nascimento ARB, Omoto C, Michel AP, Correa AS. 2020. Hybridization and introgression between Helicoverpa armigera and H. zea: an adaptational bridge. 20: 61. BMC Evolutionary Biology
  3. Esquivel CJ, Canas LA, Tilmon K, Michel AP.  2021.  Evaluating the role of insecticidal seed treatment and refuge for managing soybean aphid virulence. Pest Management Science.  
  4. Esquivel CJ, Martinez EJ, Baxter R, Trabanino R, Ranger CMMichel ACañas LA. 2020. Thiamethoxam differentially impacts survival of the generalist predators, Orius insidiosus  and Hippodamia convergens, when exposed via the food chain. Journal of Insect Science. 20: 13.  
  5. Fyie LR, Gardiner MM, Meuti ME. 2021. Artificial light at night alters the seasonal responses of biting mosquitoes. Journal of Insect Physiology 129: 104194.  
  6. Gardiner MM, Perry KI, Riley CBR*, Turo KJ, Sivakoff FS, Delgado de la Flor YA*. 2021. Community science data suggests that urbanization and forested habitat loss threaten aphidophagous native lady beetles. Ecology and Evolution 11: 2761–2774. 
  7. Huck DT*, Klein MS, Meuti ME. 2021. Determining the effects of nutrition on the reproductive physiology of male mosquitoes. Journal of Insect Physiology, 129, doi: 
  8. Kalsi M*, Walter A*, Lee B*, DeLaat A*, Trigueros RR*, Happel K*, Sepesy R*, Nguyen B, Manwill PK, Rakotondraibe LH, Piermarini PM. 2021. Stop the crop: Insights into the insecticidal mode of action of cinnamodial against mosquitoes. Pestic Biochem Physiol 171: 104743. doi:  
  9. Klinger EG, Welker DL, James RR. 2021. Presence of Pathogen-killed Larvae Influences Nesting Behavior of the Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Journal of Economic Entomology, toab030; 
  10. Lin C-H, Sponsler DB*, Richardson TM*, Watters HD, Glinski DA, Henderson WM, Minucci JM, Lee EH, Purucker ST, Johnson RM. 2021. Honey Bees and Neonicotinoid-Treated Corn Seed: Contamination, Exposure, and Effects. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 40: 1212–1221 
  11. Muth F, Tripodi AD, Bonilla R, Strange JP, Leonard AS. 2021. No sex differences in learning in wild bumblebees. Behavioral Ecology. 
  12. Peffers CS, Pomeroy LW, Meuti ME. 2021. Critical Photoperiod and Its Potential to Predict Mosquito Distributions and Control Medically Important Pests. Journal of Medical Entomology, doi:  
  13. Rajarapu SP*, Bansal R*, Mittapelly P*, Michel A. 2020. Transcriptome analysis reveals functional diversity in salivary glands of plant virus vector, Graminella nigrifronsGenes. 11: 1289. 
  14. Raudenbush AL, Pekarcik AJ, Haden VR, Tilmon KJ. 2021.  Evaluation of slug refuge traps in a soybean no-till cover crop system. Insects 12:  
  15. Simanonok MP, Otto CR, Cornman RS, Iwanowicz DD, Strange JP, Smith TA. 2021. A century of pollen foraging by the endangered rusty patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis): inferences from molecular sequencing of museum specimens. Biodiversity and Conservation, 30(1): 123-137. 
  16. Teets NM, Meuti ME. 2021. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: A Tutorial of Nanda-Hamner Protocols.” Journal of Biological Rhythms. doi:  
  17. Tilmon KJ, Michel A, O’Neal ME. 2021.  Aphid resistance is the future for soybean production, and has been since 2004: Efforts towards a wider use of host plant resistance in soybean. Current Opinion in Insect Science. 45: 53-58  
  18. Turo KJ, Gardiner MM. (in press) Effects of urban greenspace configuration and native vegetation on bee and wasp reproduction. Conservation Biology  
  19. Turo KJ, Spring MR*, Sivakoff FS, Delgado de la Flor YA*, Gardiner MM. 2021. Conservation in post-industrial cities: How does vacant land management and landscape configuration influence urban bees? Journal of Applied Ecology 58: 58-69.  
  20. Yates-Stewart AD*, Daron J, Wijeratne S, Slotkin RK, Michel A. 2020. Soybean aphids adapted to host-plant resistance by down regulating putative effectors and up regulating transposable elements. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 121: 103363. 
  21. Yates-Stewart AD*, Pekarcik AMichel A, Blakeslee JJ. 2020. Jasmonic acid-isoleucine (JA-Ile) is involved in the host-plant resistance mechanism against the soybean aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Journal of Economic Entomology. 113: 2972-2978. 

Entomology Courses Offered in Spring 2021

 Carol Anelli 

  • ENTMLGY 2400H (classes 35348, 35793) Evaluating Evidence in Biology and Medicine; 3 units 

Luis Canas 

  • ENTMLGY 5500 Biological Control of Arthropod Pests; 3 units 
  • ENTMLGY 5600 Principles and Applications of Integrated Pest Management; 3 unit

Mary Gardiner & Kelley Tilmon 

  • ENTMLGY 7920 Presentation Skills for Scientists; 2 units

Norm Johnson 

  • ENTMLGY 6210 Evolution and Diversity of Insects; 4 units 

Reed Johnson 

  • ENTMLGY 5800 Pesticide Science; 3 units 
  • ENTMLGY 2200 Beekeeping Lecture & Lab; 3 units 

Ellen Klinger 

  • ENTMLGY 1101 Insect Biology Lecture, Labs; 4 units 
  • ENTMLGY 2101 Pests, Plagues, Pollinators and Poisons: Insects in Human Affairs; 3 units  

Megan Meuti 

  • ENTMLGY 1350 The Biology of Hope and Belief; 3 units  
  • ENTMLGY 8000 Entomology Seminar; 1 unit 

Pete Piermarini 

  • ENTMLGY 4607 Veterinary Entomology, online (227 students); 2 units 

Larry Phelan 

  • ENTMLGY 5490 Insect Behavior: Mechanisms and Function; 3 units 

Ben Philip 

  • ENTMLGY 5608 Turfgrass Insect and Mite Pests - ID, Biology & Management (11 students); 2 units 
  • ENTMLGY 5609 Landscape Ornamental Plant Insect & Mite Pests - ID, Biology & Management (12 Students); 3 units 

Joe Raczkowski 

  • ENTMLGY 2400H Evaluating Evidence in Biology and Medicine (18 students); 3 units 
  • ENTMLGY 4440H Honors Social Insects (11 students); 3 units 
  • ENTMLGY 4000 General Entomology Lecture (59 students); 3 units 
  • ENTMLGY 4600 Introduction to Insect Science (first session: 149 students, second session: 75 students); 1 unit