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Piermarini lab research is highlighted in recent Ohio State News article

April 19, 2022
mosquitos in petri dish

Nanoparticles prove effective against the yellow fever mosquito. Carbon black is fatal for its larvae in standing water, by Tatyana Woodall, Ohio State News, woodall.52@osu.eduRecently published in the journal Insects, this new paper describes how mosquitoes have evolved a natural resistance to some chemical insecticides, and offers an alternative called carbon black, a type of carbon-based nanoparticles

Journal Article Authors: Peter Piermarini, Associate Professor of Entomology, Erick Martinez Rodriguez, a visiting scholar currently in the Ohio State Entomology Graduate program, Parker Evans, a previous PhD student in the Ohio State Translational Plant Sciences Graduate program, and Megha Kalsi, a previous postdoctoral researcher in entomology. This research was supported by Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and Vaylenx LLC.