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Entomology Featured in Ohio State Wooster Campus Newsletter

July 20, 2023

Entomology faculty, staff and bug zoo outreach program are highlighted in the July edition of the Wooster Campus Connector newletter.

The newsletter is created by Dr. Andy Michel, Associate Dean and Director, CFAES Wooster Campus, and professor of Entomology.
Learn more about Ashley Leach's specialty crops entomology program, get to know our lab and safety coordinator Scott Wolfe, and read about what has been happening at the United Titanitum Bug Zoo and professor emeritus Skip and Letty Nault's water garden in the Secrest Arborteum.

New Faculty Member: Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach scouting pumpkins for insect pestsAshley’s goal is to build effective, long-lasting, and environmentally sound pest management practices for fruit and vegetable growers across the state and beyond. More...
As the state extension specialist for specialty crop entomology, Ashley’s goal is to build effective, long-lasting, and environmentally sound pest management practices for fruit and vegetable growers across the state and beyond. She is currently evaluating different pest management tactics in crops like pumpkins, peppers, apples, peaches, and leafy greens. She partners with OSU Extension, members of the OSU entomology department and other neighboring universities to create innovative pest management solutions. Overall, she hopes to create programs that give growers the biggest bang for their buck. In other words, pest programs that provide high levels of pest control, disease suppression, pollination, and biological control without compromising yield.

Staff Spotlight: Scott Wolfe

Title & Department: Researcher 2, Building and Lab Safety Coordinator, Department of Entomology Danae, Milo, Leo and Scott Wolfe
Describe your work: Maintain equipment and safety within the Department of Entomology. 
How long have you been with OSU: 14 years
Family: Wife Danae and sons Milo (8) and Leo (6)
Pets: Sesi (dog); Jupiter, Ursa, Pluto, Luna, and Callie (cats); Nox and Little Bear (regal jumping spiders)
Hometown: Barberton, Ohio
What is your favorite spot on the Wooster Campus: The turtle statues
What is something you would like to learn: Get my private pilot license
What is your favorite restaurant or food: Sushi
What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: Breathing underwater
Where is your favorite place to vacation: Anywhere with water and wildlife
Who is your hero: Danae – she is the most driven and passionate person I know. 

United Titanium Bug Zoo

flyerThe UTBZ and Grad Students hosted an open house on July 8th, with the theme of "Beetles". Highlighting all the beetles we have on display as well as the wonderful beetles we have right here in Ohio! 
Insect Night Walk will be coming up August 18th. Also hosted by the grad students. This year we will have it at the Wooster Science Building!  Fun insect-themed crafts, educational activities, light trapping, and an evening walk led by our awesome graduate students. August 18th from 8-10 pm. 

Summer 2023 at Secrest Arboretum 

 So far summer has been quite eventful here at Secrest. More...
Dr. and Mrs. Nault at the Skip and Letty Nault Water Garden...the highly popular pond area known as Skip and Letty’s Water Garden received a full makeover during the last part of June. Thanks to a second generous gift by Dr. and Mrs. Nault, we were able to replace the failing liner and filter, reconstruct the waterfall, and add new technology greatly reducing staff maintenance time. We are also proud to announce that Skip recently released six new koi who are coexisting peacefully with our gang of goldfish and army of amphibians. They, along with our visitors, will appreciate the remarkably clear water and a diverse new collection of aquatic plant varieties.