Enroll in ‘Introduction to Veterinary Entomology’ On-Line Certificate Course (Approved for CE credit by the OVMLB on an hour per hour basis)

May. 31, 2019

Introduction to Veterinary Entomology is an On-Line Certificate Course that provides an introduction to the fascinating world of arthropod pests and vectors (ticks, fleas, flies, etc.) that impact the health and well-being of domestic animals. This introductory course consists of two self-paced modules focused on core concepts in Veterinary Entomology.

Topics covered include:

1) What is Veterinary Entomology and why is it relevant?

2) Epidemiology of vector-borne diseases

3) The evolution of blood feeding in arthropods

4) Human influences on vectors and the pathogens they transmit

The content is delivered in a series of on-line lectures and readings. Each module has a 15 question quiz to test comprehension of the lecture and reading materials; each quiz requires a score of 70% to earn a certificate (multiple attempts are allowed).  Completion of this course can be used to earn CE credit on an hour per hour basis as approved by the OVMLB (for details see  http://ovmlb.ohio.gov/ce.stm)

Register for the course here ($35 enrollment fee).

-- > For further details please contact Dr. Peter Piermarini (Entomology): piermarini.1@osu.edu