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June 8, 2021
periodical cicadas mating

June 9 Update: Our very own BugDoc Dave Shetlar was featured on Jimmy Kimmel recently!  Congrats Dave for making the monologue. He appears just after the 2:00 mark in the YouTube video:

Cicada fettuccine: Preparing Brood X to eat with OSU’s ‘BugDoc Dave’,  - Featuring Dave Shetlar Jun 9, 2021. 

Will eating cicadas get me high? Myths debunked with OSU’s BugDoc. - Featuring Dave Shetlar Jun 7, 2021. 

Periodical Update: Cicada Observations and Educational Opportunities, Joe Boggs, April 26, 2021: 

'Chimney' check: 'Bug doctor' looks at soil conditions before Brood X cicadas surface. Beth Burger - Featuring Dave Shetlar, May 10, 2021:

17-year cicadas returning to Ohio in the coming weeks, Karaline Cohen - Featuring Dave Shetlar, April 28, 2021:

Brood X Cicadas Lauch 2021 Comeback After 17-Year Hiatus. Andrew Horne- Featuring Joe Boggs, May 23, 2021:

Appreciate, don’t fear, the ‘bugs of history’, Barbara Mudrak - Featuring Joe Boggs, May 24, 2021:

Periodical Cicada - Adult of Magicicada cassini emerging using time-lapse video. Dave Shetlar, May 25, 2021: