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News article: OSU Entomology Grads Receive 2nd Place at Entomology Games

Congratulations to Entomology Graduate Students James Radl (captain), Tae Lee, Brendan Kelly, and former Gardiner grad student, Alex Tyrpak, on their Entomology Games 2nd place finish at this week's Entomological Society of America North Central Branch virtual meeting! 

The team now moves on to the national games at this year's annual ESA conference in Denver, Colorado. Joe Raczkowski is our long-serving Entomology Games coach.

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Entomology Majors Have Many Career Options

Employers report immediate and longer term needs for well-trained entomologists. Entomology majors are well prepared for graduate, medical, and veterinary schools, as well as careers in plant health management, public health (including the Armed Forces), research laboratories, university extension services, agrochemical industries, crop consulting, environmental education, natural resource protection and conservation, and government agencies.