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Dan Herms

EAB insecticide update

Herms ppt

Potential Side Effects FAQ

NCB-IPM EAB Insecticide 

Herms Lab

Celeste Welty

Spotted wing drosophila management

Spotted Wing Drosophila ppt


Welty website

Fruits and Vegetables

Luis Canas

Pest management trends for ornamentals and vegetables produced in greenhouses and high tunnels

Greenhouse_Inservice_ppt 16

Aphids, mealy bugs, fungus gnats, mites, whitefly: Canas files: PDF ppts



Reed Johnson

Bee biology and neonicotinoids

Johnson_Bees_Neonicotinoids_ppt 2016

Reed Johnson

Elizabeth Long

Introduction and program emphasis

Extension in-service_EYL

Elizabeth Long

Dave Shetlar

Neonic use strategies in turf and ornamentals to avoid or reduce bee toxicity risks


NeonicsinUrbanLandscapes_Shetlar ppt

Bug Doc

Kelley Tilmon

Economic returns on seed treatments

Tilmon Soybean Seed Treatment ppt 

Kelley Tilmon

Mary Gardiner

Love for wasps

Love for Wasps ppt



Mary Gardiner

Pete Piermarini

Insect-borne diseases in the news. Chagas and zika: what you need to know

Piermarini Extension Inservice_ppt

More about Chagas

More about Zika

Pete Piermarini

Susan Jones: Bed bug update

Bed Bug ppt

Bed Bugs Factsheet

Bed Bugs