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Master in Plant Health Management

About MPHM

The Master in Plant Health Management is a Professional Science Master's program that integrates both academic and professional training for careers in plant health management, geared towards students and working professionals who wish to develop plant health expertise for advancement or a career change. The first of its kind at Ohio State, the degree is a joint effort of the departments of plant pathology and entomology whose aim is to provide hands-on training that includes both technical and professional aspects of plant health management, as the need for qualified individuals in the field increases.

Students can enroll either full-time (1.5-2 year completion time) or part-time. Most of our students are working and enrolled part-time.

In-Person and Online program options
Combining classroom and e-learning delivery, students can select from courses in 7 academic units covering topics in plant disease management, integrated pest management, statistics, soil science, weed science, Extension education and leadership, agribusiness and more.


Is the Master's in Plant Health Management (MPHM) the right degree for you? 

It largely depends on your career goals.  The MPHM program is specifically geared for working professionals and students seeking advanced training in plant health management for a variety of careers.  The MPHM program integrates training and coursework in business, communications and education - core skills desired by employers.

The MPHM degree is a terminal degree and should not be considered a stepping stone to a PhD program.  MPHM course requirements can be completed in 1-1.5 years (excluding summers), but it is designed to be pursued part-time. If you are interested in working in research and/or higher education (research technician, university faculty, college-level educator, e.g.), the MS and PhD graduate degree programs are recommended.  If your career goal is to direct a research program in academia or the private sector, or become a university faculty member and teach and/or conduct research, you will likely want to ultimately pursue a PhD.  Approximate time for an MS degree is 2.5 years and the PhD is 5+ years.