Entomology majors graduate with many career options. Employers report immediate and longer term needs for well-trained entomologists. Entomology majors are well prepared for graduate, medical, and veterinary schools, as well as careers in plant health management, public health (including the Armed Forces), research laboratories, university extension services, agrochemical industries, crop consulting, environmental education, natural resource protection and conservation, and government agencies.

Students that earn Master’s degrees in Entomology find many specialized opportunities in these same areas.  For students aspiring to a professional degree in K-12 education, medicine, or veterinary medicine, a major in entomology provides an excellent background and favorable reception from graduate schools. Entomologists who desire careers as research scientists or college professors pursue the Ph.D. degree. Many graduate students in entomology programs serve as research and teaching assistants as part of their training and are paid stipends and receive tuition and other benefits that support all or most of their living and educational expenses while in graduate school. 

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Careers in Entomology