New Wooster United Titanium Bug Zoo Ribbon-Cutting, August 2021

The Bug Zoo

The Entomology Department curates collections of live arthropods for outreach actvitites. The mission of the Bug Zoo is to promote awareness, dispel the myths and ignite curiosity in the unseen world of Arthropods, striving to entice budding young entomologists into the exciting field of Entomology. The common reality is that many people fear insects, which results in an inability to appreciate and understand the significant contributions Arthropods have made on the health of the planet. By maintaining a collection of live animals that are accessible and presented in a non-threatening way, one is able to see them in a new light. This hands-on approach allows people of all ages to explore the wonders of insects in a safe environment.

United Titanium Bug Zoo 

The United Titanium Bug Zoo (UTBZ), curated by Jeni Filbrun, is now open on the CFAES Wooster Campus in the Wooster Science Building (1600 Wilson Rd, Wooster OH, 44691. Next to Fisher Auditorium). The UTBZ is a truely unique and engaging experience in the new location on the heart of the CFAES Wooster campus.Wooster Science Building

Explore the UTBZ collection
  • Classrooms, small groups, and families are welcome!  
  • Take a self-guided tour Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm
  • Schedule a visit by filling out the Bug Zoo visitor form. 

Interested in volunteering at the UTBZ? Fill out the volunteer form.

Columbus Bug Zoo

The Columbus Bug Zoo and Museum of Biological Diversity Insectary merged into one live arthropod collection devoted to education and outreach, under the direction of Jeni Ruisch. Entomology is also creating a unique outreach experience: the Mobile Bug Zoo, coming soon in 2022.

Connect with us on instagram @osuentomology

To set up a Bug Zoo outreach activity or event in the Columbus area, contact Jeni Ruisch.


Pollinator Education Programs

Program Director of Pollinator Education, Denise Ellsworth, provides numerous education and outreach programs on topics related to honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators

A Bug’s World

This day-long event coordinated by Ellsworth provides entomology instruction and activities on the OSU CFAES Wooster Campus to 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Contact Denise Ellsworth for more information. 


EGSA Virtual Outreach

The Entomology Graduate Student Association (EGSA) 

EGSA hosts outreach programs and displays for youth or adult programs. Contact Grace Sward or visit the EGSA website for more information.

Insect Night

This free, public event organized by EGSA and Entomology staff is held at the OSU CFAES Wooster Campus during the summer. 


4-H Entomology Project Books

Three insect-related project guides offer activities, weblinks and videos for young entomologists.

4-H Insect Adventures


OSU Museum of Biological Diversity Open HouseOSU Outreach Butterfly

Free event on the Columbus campus that attracts thousands of visitors. Every year the Museum of Biological Diversity (MBD) opens to the general public for a day of biodiversity exploration and discovery. During the event you can get a behind-the-scenes view of our world-class collections (insects, mites, plants, fishes, molluscs, birds, mammals, and animal sounds), plus meet the faculty, staff, and students who study the flora and fauna of Ohio and the world. You can also engage in a number of hands-on activities, including our Arthropod Petting Zoo, Seedling Planting, Bugs-in-Goo, the Bug Drawing Station, and more.