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Joe Boggs

OSU Hamilton County
Ornamental Pest Management, Asian Longhorn Beetle

Luis Canas

Greenhouse vegetable and hemp insects, ornamental floriculture and interiorscapes. IPM, Biological Control

Denise Ellsworth

Bee Lab Website
Bees and Wasps, Pollinator Education, Community Science, Phenology, Pollinator Habitat

Mary Gardiner

Gardiner Lab Website
Urban Habitats for Insect Conservation, Supporting Natural Pest Control in Gardens; Community Science Programs 
4H Entomology Programs

Ashley Leach

The Ashley Leach Lab website
Specialty Crops Entomology; Vegetable and Fruit Pest Management

Megan Meuti

The Megan Meuti Lab website
Mosquitoes, Insect Seasonal Responses, Insect Education and Outreach, Insect Physiology

Andy Michel

Agronomic Crop Insects website
Integrated pest management for agronomic crops

Kayla Perry

The Perry Lab website
State Extension Specialist, Forest Entomology

Larry Phelan

Insect-plant interactions, Biological farming; Chemical Ecology & Metabolomics

Sarah Short

The Short Lab website
Arthropod Borne Disease, Mosquitoes, Ticks

Kelley Tilmon

Agronomic Crop Insects
Ecology and management of insects in agronomic crops, including corn and soybean

Sam Ward

Landscaped Ecosystem and Forest Entomology lab
Ecology and management of forest insects; Insect responses to climate change; Applied research on pests of woody ornamentals

Shaohui Wu

Turfgrass insect & disease control; Integrated pest management; Insect pathology