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Do not send physical insect samples directly to the Entomology Department. The Ohio State Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnostic ID services for a fee, typically $20. Instructions on how to submit a physical or digital insect ID request are available on the websiteThe clinic specializes in the identification of plant diseases, plant health problems, insects and insect related problems, and does not accept samples that originate from a person or animal's body.

Entomology researchers have partnered with the CFAES Knowledge Exchange to create The Bite Siteyour guide to ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting pests. This site features factsheets, easy to nativigate resources, and the latest scientific knowledge.

Free digital insect ID may be found from the online community science and USDA resources below. Your images will be identified and may be used in projects tracking invasive species, insect biodiversity, and other scientific endeavors:

iNaturalist Insect, spider, or other organism
Seek by iNaturalist Animal, plants
BugFinder Insects, spiders, related organisms
BugGuide Insect, spider, related organisms
Bumble Bee Watch Bumble bees
What’s that Bug? Insect, spiders, related organisms
USDA Developed Pest ID tools, including fact sheets, ID keys, screening aids, and mobile apps
Entomology Today from the Entomological Society of America lists other resources for insect ID


Local Ohio State Extension offices have Agriculture and Natural Resource Educators able to answer farm, garden, home, and business questions.
Ohioline Factsheets | Ask an Expert


As a public institution, we can not promote a single company. A reputable company can be found by referring to the Ohio Pest Management Association membership directory. OPMA has a code of conduct for members and is generally comprised of responsible pest management specialists. 


Report endangered species to the Ohio Fish and Wildlife Services Conservation Office. Include digital images in emails to; Phone: 614-416-8993; Address: 359 Main Rd, Delaware, OH 43015. Endangered species in Ohio including arthropods.