Honors Research with Distinction

Conducting and reporting Honors research with distinction. Students are expected to present at the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum and the University's Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Completion of online Honors Research Workshop required prior to enrollment. Prereq: Honors standing, and CPHR 3.40 or above, and GPA 3.40 or above in major, and permission of honors project supervisor. This course is graded S/U.

Veterinary Entomology

The goal of this on-line course is to introduce students to the fascinating world of arthropod pests that impact the health and well-being of domesticated animals. The course will place an emphasis on understanding the remarkable biology of blood-feeding arthropods and the diseases that they transmit to companion and livestock animals.

Agricultural Entomology

An exploration of insect pests that affect grain, forage, vegetable, and fruit crops, and the biological, cultural, and chemical tactics used to manage them. Prereq: 1101, 1111, 3000, 4000 or 4600. Not open to students with credit for Entomol 460.

Honors Social Insects

Exploration of biological factors that allow ants, bees, wasps, and termites to maintain large complex societies. Prereq: Honors standing, and Entmlgy 1101 (Entomol 101) or Biology 1101 (101), or equiv. Not open to students with credit for Entmlgy 3330 (Entomol 333) or 444H.

Individual Studies

Individual work in the field of entomology, involving laboratory, field, or library studies, appropriate for the student's needs. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs or 6 completions. This course is graded S/U.

Internship Experiences in Entomology

Ten or more weeks of an individualized experiential learning opportunity designed to link theoretical classroom knowledge with practical field application or research experience in an ongoing research environment. Prereq: 3000 (500) or 4000 (500), and an additional Entmlgy course at the 3000 (300) level or above, and Soph standing or above, and permission of advisor. Repeatable to a maximum of 4 cr hrs or 2 completions. This course is graded S/U.

General Entomology Lecture

The course serves both as a single, concise exposure to the subject and as a foundation for advanced work in entomology (systematics, evolution, ecology, management). Lectures cover all fundamental aspects but emphasize basic biological phenomena, including diversity, evolution, classification, structure, function, development, reproduction, behavior, and ecology. Prereq: Biology 1114 or 1114H. Not open to students with credit for 3000.


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