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Graduate Student Theses | Final Projects | Next Steps

Master of Science, Entomology

Kyle Akred, Advisor: Tilmon. "Determining the Relationship Between Asiatic Garden Beetle Grub Density and Damage to Field Corn"
Next Steps: Kyle is moving on to a laboratory position with BASF in his home state of Michigan.

Kelly DefenseBrendan Kelly, Advisor: Short. “Mating enhances the immunity of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes”
Next Steps: Brendan is pursuing employment at academic institutions across the nation.

Yuan Li, Advisor: Piermarini. “A Putative Role of Renal (Malpighian) tubules in Regulating Calcium Homeostasis in the Aedes aegypti Mosquito”
Next Steps: Yuan is applying to continue her studies on mosquitos in public health or medical entomology PhD programs and will continue work in the Piermarini lab next semester.

Yuan Li

Doctor of Philosophy, Entomology

Harper McMinn-Sauder, Advisor: R. Johnson. “Complementary floral resources for honey bees in a Midwestern agroecosystem”
Next Steps: Harper is moving on as a postdoctoral researcher at Clemson University in Clemson, SC, co-advised in the department of biology and department of forestry and environmental conservation, with a primary focus on pollinator ecology working to assess the role of generalist pollinators in mediating pollen transfer between invasive callery pear and native rosaceae trees in southern forests. 

Sarah Scott, Advisor: Gardiner. “The impacts of common urban metals on Bombus impatiens colony health and behavior”Ana
Next Steps: Sarah was awarded the Royal Society Newton International Fellowship, providing two-years of postdoctoral support at the University of Cambridge, UK. Sarah will continue to research the impacts of metal exposure on bumble bee behavior and populations with Lynn Dicks, PhD.

Ana Trabanino, Advisor: Michel. "Optimizing and integrating Bt resistance management strategies in lepidopteran pests"
Next Steps: Ana will continue her research in the Michel lab as a postdoctoral scholar.