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Entomology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

Contributed by Erick Martinez Rodriguez, EGSA president

New Committee Members for 2022-2023 term

We would like to introduce the new committee members for EGSA in this new school year. The members of these committees will work hard during the year to accomplish the organization’s goals and foment the interaction between students, staff, and faculty as well as members within the community.

President: Erick Martinez
Vice President: Dominique Magistrado
Treasurer: James Radl
Curriculum Committee Representative: James Radl
Graduate Studies Committee Representative: Caralee Shepard
Scholarship and Awards Committee Representative: Lydia Fyie
Seminar Committee Representative (Columbus): Liam Whiteman/Iliana Moore
Seminar Committee Representative (Wooster): Johnathan Lee
Outreach Committee Representative: (Columbus): Lucy Guarnieri
Outreach Committee Representative (Wooster): Valerie Anderson
Digital Media Officer: Angel Haller
Social Chair (Columbus): Dominique Magistrado
Social Chair (Wooster): Olivia Lang
Office Coordinator (Columbus): Lydia Fyie
Office Coordinators (Wooster): Erick Martinez

Outreach Events

Insect Night Walk 2022INW 2INW Flyer

On Friday, Aug. 12, one week before the beginning of the autumn semester, EGSA organized the annual Insect Night Walk event hosted at the Secrest Arboretum in Wooster. The Insect Night Walk is a free educational event for children of all ages and community members who would like to learn more about insects and interact with students and staff members from our department. Family from all around Wayne County and neighboring counties attended this popular event.

INWCaralee INW


United Titanium Bug Zoo Halloween Open HouseUTBZ FlyerUTBZ Halloween

On Friday, Oct. 28, EGSA and the United Titanium Bug Zoo teamed up to throw the first annual Halloween Open House for families from all around the town. The event took place in the Wooster Science Building and was greatly attended, with nearly 300 people showing up to learn and have a look around the new Bug Zoo in town. For more pictures of our guests and their costumes as well as information about the United Titanium Bug Zoo, please visit the blog website, where you will find many updates for future events as well as the behind the scenes of what goes on in taking care of all these amazing insects!

UTBZ Halloweenmom with girls


EGSA Tailgates

EGSA members and faculty and friends from the entomology department hosted two tailgates to show support for the Ohio State Buckeyes. This was a great opportunity to interact with new members as well as with people from both the Columbus and Wooster campuses.

EGSA TailgateEGSA Tailgate

EGSA Monthly Student Spotlight

EGSA will now monthly feature three current members in our monthly spotlight! Get to know our members a little bit more by reading about them and their research!

spotlight logo