termite script Ohio
Termite Script Ohio
Susan Jones trained her termites to be Buckeyes.
Are Hops Coming Back to Ohio?
Growing Hops as a Specialty Crop in Ohio
Hops are “a growing interest among growers in the area,” said Mary Gardiner, an assistant professor in OARDC’s entomology department. While growing them is relatively easy — once a trellis is established — they’re not cheap. It’s estimated that an acre of hops would cost $10,000 for setup.
Bed Bug PSA:  Bug Bombs
Bug Bombs Don't Work Against Bed Bugs
Bed Bug PSA:  How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
How to Get Rid of Bedbugs
Bed Bug PSA:  Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs
Anyone Can Get Bedbugs
National Honey Bee Day
AgDay with Dr. Reed Johnson
Dr. Reed Johnson visits the OSU Apiary with Joe Camoriano to discuss the importance of honey bees.
“Insects are a really valuable indicator of environmental change,” said Dr. Mary Gardiner.“If you change something different — apply a chemical or there is some kind of toxin introduced into an environment or there’s a forest fire — insects are one of the first to respond to that change.” Learn more about this urban ecology research study in the Columbus Dispatch.
Stink bugs, known for their “sweaty feet” smell when squashed or irritated, have now made their way into Ohio soybean fields in numbers not previously experienced in the Buckeye State, said Ron Hammond, an Ohio State University Extension entomologist. Because the problem has gotten so bad, college...
News You Can Use: Attracting Pollinators
Gardening for Pollinators
Denise Ellsworth, Program Director for honey bee and native bee education, discusses ways gardeners can help pollinators in this short video.
Program Serves to Defend Ohio from "Staggering" Assault by New Tree Pests
Saving Ohio Trees from Invasive Pests
Imagine the Hocking Hills area without any hemlock trees, northeast Ohio without any sugar maples, and Ohio without any buckeyes.