2017-18 Seminar Schedule and Recordings

1/17: Dr. Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Central State University. Sociogenome and Socioepigenome: From Genes to Mechanisms of the Honey Bee Life


1/31 Dr. Brittany Peterson, University of Arizona. It’s the little things: How bacterial symbionts mediate and modulate physiologies in their hosts


2/7 Dr. Anne Nielsen, Rutgers University. Identifying biological parameters for managing the invasive brown marmorated stink bug


2/14 Dr. Megan Rua, Wright State University. Mycorrhizal Mayhem: Explorations of the ecology and evolution describing host-microbe interactions

3/28 Dr. Rebecca Tonietto, University of Michigan – Flint: City Bees of Chicago, Detroit and Flint: How native bee conservation and urban re-greening go hand in hand.


4/4 Dr. James Hung, The Ohio State University: Effects of habitat fragmentation and introduced species on the structure and function of plant-pollinator interactions


4/11 Dr. Christina Kwapich, Arizona State University


Autumn 2017 Entomology Seminar Schedule

All seminars start at 3:30 pm in Fisher 121 (Wooster, map) with videolink to Kottman 244 (Columbus, map).  Speakers marked with an asterisk (*) present from Columbus.  All other speakers present from Wooster.

9/13 Yvan Delgado de la Flor Transition Seminar. Click link for recording.


9/20 Ada Szczpaniec (Texas A and M). Click link for recording.

Title: Invasion after-tremors: Consequences of herbivore and disease introductions for plant-insect interactions and integrated pest management.


9/27 Amy Toth (Iowa State University). Click link for recording.

Title: Landscape and diet diversity influence bee nutritional health.


10/4 Chris Gillen (Kenyon College) Click link for recording.

Title: Mosquito sodium-dependent cation-chloride cotransporters.

10/25 Greg Walker Triplehorn Distinguished Alumnus Lecture (UC Riverside). Click link for recording.

Title: Shutting down the pipeline: Phloem occlusion as a plant defense against aphids.

11/1 NO SEMINAR – Preparation time for ESA Meeting Denver, CO

11/8 NO SEMINAR – ESA Meeting Denver, CO

11/15 Nick Teets, University of Kentucky. Click link for recording.

Title: Genetic approaches for improving the management of invasive fruit flies.

11/22 NO SEMINAR – Thanksgiving

11/29 Emily Justus Proposal Talk