2021 Spring Seminar Schedule

The Department of Entomology Seminar Series is presented on Thursdays at 9:00am

Online Zoom Video Connection: https://osu.zoom.us/j/97945660858?pwd=cExPWEFqOEZlc2pGK1YvTTgzS29PQT09



Seminar Title

January 14

Dr. Risa Pesapane
The Ohio State University

"Preliminary results of a multi-species surveillance network for ticks and tickborne pathogens in Ohio"

January 21 Dr. Chris Ranger
USDA Agricultural Research Service
"Interactions Among Ambrosia Beetles, their Fungal Symbionts, and Host Trees"
January 28

Entomology Graduate Student Seminars

Matthew Wolkoff (PhD proposal)
Hannah McKenzie (MS proposal)

February 4

Dr. Claudio Gratton
University of Wisconsin

"A 'Grassland 2.0': Moving towards sustainable agricultural landscapes requires upending the current paradigm."
February 11 Dr. Cedric Alaux
French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment, UR 406 Bees and the Environment
"Deciphering the impacts of pesticides and pollen resources on honey bees: from the lab to the field"

February 18 


DeLong Memorial Seminar
Dr. Chris DiFonzo
Michigan State University

"Bt shaming: the fine art of regulating Bt traits through public hazing"
February 25 No Seminar - Instructional Break  
March 4

Dr. Theresa Pitts-Singer
USDA Agricultural Research Service

"A Bee for the Season: Pollinating spring & summer crops with cavity-nesting, solitary bees"
March 11 Dr. Jane Stout
Trinity College Dublin
"Causes and consequences of pollinator decline"
March 25 Entomology Graduate Student Seminars Illiana Moore (MS proposal)
Kyle Akred (MS proposal)
April 1 No Seminar - Instructional Break  
April 8 Dr. Nsa Dada
The Mosquito Microbiome Consortium
"The mosquito microbiome: Another wrinkle in the insecticide resistance conundrum"
April 15 No Seminar  
April 22 Entomology Graduate Student Seminars Caralee Shepard (MS proposal: "Identifying Environmental Filters for Pollinator Conservation in Legacy Cities")
Liam Whiteman (MS proposal: "Bumble bee pathogens and parasites across elevational gradients")

April 29


Dr. Jennifer Jandt
University of Otago, NZ
"Vespula wasps show consistent differences in colony-level aggression over time and across contexts."