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Spring 2022

Select Thursdays at 9am, Online and In-Person

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Columbus Campus: Room 244 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Rd, 43210
Wooster Campus: Room 300 Wooster Science Building, 1600 Wilson Rd, 44691

Seminar Recordings

Seminars are recorded and posted to the 2021-2022 Seminar Recordings page, if the presenter consents.
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Seminar Title & Format

Jan. 20

Tim Watson
Director of Graduation Services, OSU

"Graduation and Examination Deadlines and Procedures at OSU"

Virtual Seminar

Jan. 27

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker
The Bug Chicks

Host: Jeni Filbrun

"Not So DIFFERENT: how entomology can make us better humans" 

Virtual Seminar

Feb. 3

Dr. Chris Looney
Washington State Department of Agriculture

Host: Jamie Strange

"Murdering hornets for fun and profit in the Pacific Northwest"

Virtual Seminar

Feb. 10

Dr. Robin Bagley
OSU Lima, Dept of EEOB

Host: Frances Sivakoff

"Host use drives divergence across multiple spatial scales in the redheaded pine sawfly"

Virtual Seminar

Feb. 17

Dr. Amanda Stahlke
USDA-ARS Beltsville

Host: Vitor Correa Pavinato

"Keeping pace with rapid evolution in biocontrol agents and agricultural pests"

Virtual Seminar

Feb. 24

Dr. Mary Jamieson
Oakland University

Host: EGSA

"Understanding drivers of insect abundance, diversity, and species interactions under global change"

In-Person, Columbus

Mar. 3

Dr. Jennifer Wilson
USDA-ARS Wooster

Host: Andy Michel

"Vector manipulation revisited: from the classical to the cutting edge"

In-Person, Wooster

Mar. 10

DeLong Talk & Poster Student Competition


Mar. 17

No Seminar

Spring Break

Mar. 24

at 10:30am

Dr. Aaron Gross
Virginia Tech

Host: Megan Meuti 

"Physio-pharmacology: Using the power of different nervous system targets to control insects"

Virtual Seminar

Mar. 31

Dr. Kris Giles
Oklahoma State

Host: Kelley Tilmon

"Latitudes, landscapes and aphid natural enemies: Advancing IPM programs in the Southern Plains"

In-Person, Wooster

Apr. 7

Entomology Graduate Student MS Seminar

Dylan Ricke
Advisor: Reed Johnson

MS Defense

"Assessing the long-term risk posed by metal pollutants on honey bees and their colonies"

Apr. 14

Entomology Graduate Student PhD Seminar

Dominique Magistrado
Advisor: Sarah Short

PhD Transition Talk

Magistrado: "Blood and sucrose meals differentially modulate a mosquito's immune defense"

Apr. 21

Entomology Graduate Student MS Seminars

Valerie Anderson
Advisor: Luis Canas

Lucy Guarnieri
Advisor: Mary Gardiner

MS Thesis Proposals

Anderson: "Establishing host attraction for fungus gnats infesting oyster mushrooms and characterizing their repellency to insecticides"

Guarnieri: "The value of urban greenspace for moth conservation"