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Seminar Schedule

AU23 Seminar Series

Select Thursdays at 9am, Online and In-Person

Virtual Seminar Zoom Connection
Meeting ID: 968 7815 9791; Password: 164990

In-person Seminar Locations
Columbus: Room 244 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Rd, 43210
Wooster: Room 230 Wooster Science Building, 1600 Wilson Rd, 44691

Seminar Recordings
Seminars are recorded and posted to the Seminar Recordings page, if the presenter consents. Login to this website using your OSU credentials to access Seminar Recording pages. Login is located near bottom of webpage.ENT



Seminar Title & Format

Aug. 31

Graduate Student Seminar
Caralee Shepard
The Ohio State University
Host: Mary Gardiner

Ph.D. Transition Seminar
The filtering effect of Cleveland's urban landscape
Virtual Seminar

Sept. 7

Graduate Student Seminars
The Ohio State University

Yami Ng'ona
Host: Andy Michel

Arnol Gomez
Host: Ashley Leach

Ng'ona Ph.D. Proposal Seminar
Monitoring and understanding the risk of Cry protein resistance in European corn borer

Gomez M.S. Proposal Seminar
Evaluating a tri-partite IPM program to manage the western flower thrips in Jalapeno peppers

In-Person Seminars

Sept. 14

Dr. Jess Hartshorn
Clemson University
Host: Kayla Perry

Burning questions: how does fire affect
pine engravers?

Virtual Seminar

Sept. 21

Dr. Elizabeth Cieniewicz
Clemson University
Host: Ashley Leach

Ecology of Pollen Borne Viruses in Peach Orchards
Virtual Seminar

Sept. 28

Maggie Lewis
Postdoctoral Scholar, The Ohio State University, Department of Entomology
Host: Andy Michel

Flooding Impacts on Soybean Aphid Virulence Dynamics: Implications for Insect Resistance Management Under a Changing Climate
In Person, Columbus
Virtual, Wooster

Oct. 5

Dr. Nick Brandley
College of Wooster
Host: Dr. Reed Johnson

The Visual World of the Carolina Grasshopper: Acuity, Color, & Speed
Virtual, Columbus
In Person, Wooster

Oct. 12

No Seminar

Ohio State Fall Break, No Classes

Oct. 19

DeLong Talk & Poster Student Competition (part 1)
Host: Sarah Short

In Person Wooster & Columbus

Oct. 26

DeLong Talk & Poster Student Competition (part 2)
Host: Sarah Short

In Person Wooster & Columbus

Nov. 2

Dr. Rebecca Schmidt
USDA –Temperate Tree Fruit and Vegetable Research
Host: Dr. Ashley Leach

Augmentative biocontrol in orchards: Where have all the ladybugs gone? Can we find even one?
Virtual Seminar

Nov. 9

No Seminar

Annual Conference of the Entomological Society of America

Nov. 16

Dr. David I. Shapiro-Ilan
USDA-Agricultural Research Station Southeast Area
Host: Dr. Shaohui Wu

Methods to Improve Microbial Control of Insect Pests Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes
Virtual Seminar

Nov. 23

No Seminar

Thanksgiving Holiday, OSU Closed

Nov. 30

Dr. Nichole Broderick
John Hopkins University
Host: Dr. Sarah Short

Beyond the microbiome: integrating host defense and physiology
In Person, Columbus
Virtual, Wooster

Dec. 7

Graduate Student Seminars
The Ohio State University

Brooke Donzelli
Host: Dr. Jamie Strange

Adam Foster
Host: Dr. Reed Johnson

Donzelli Ph.D. Proposal Seminar
Fungal protein as a possible nutritional and pathogen reducing supplement to support bumble bee health

Foster Ph.D. Proposal Seminar
Comparative bee toxicology: assessing the response of different bee species to insecticide and fungicide combinations

In Person, Columbus
Virtual, Wooster