Ronald Hammond

Ronald Hammond
Faculty Emeritus
120 Thorne, 1680 Madison Avenue Wooster, OH 44691
Areas of expertise: 

Area of expertise: Field Crop Insects

Research area: 

I conduct applied research and carry out extension efforts on insect and other invertebrate pests of all Ohio’s field and forage crops, including serving as the primary resource person in the U.S. in field crop slug management.  Primary efforts, along with slugs, are towards management of corn rootworms with transgenic crops, seedcorn maggots in corn and soybean, and soybean aphid and stink bug management in soybeans.  

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Extension and Research; Field Crop Insects; IPM; Slugs.

Signature areas: Food Security, Production, and Human Health; Environmental Quality and Sustainability

  • Field Crop Entomologist for Extension and Research
  • Ph.D. 1979 Iowa State University

I am a field crop extension and research entomologist for the state of Ohio.  My research interests are in the area of Integrated Pest Management, with emphasis on arthropods and other invertebrate pests in field crops.  I currently teach a graduate course at The Ohio State University in Philosophy of Integrated Pest Management. 

Recent Publications:


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