Glass Fly Traps

Fly traps have been used for years. Many of the Victorian fly traps were either blown by art glass makers or they were two-piece pressed glass contraptions.

In the early 1900s, there were many "bottle" fly traps that were apparently made from bottle molds. These pieces have definite mold marks, molded lips and simply appear to be bottles with the bottom pushed in. Thousands of these have flooded the collectable market in the last decade and wholesale dealers claim that they are "farm finds" from Mexico, South America or Europe. Most of these bottle traps should cost no more than $20 each though dealers try to get a lot more for them.

Dome shaped Victorian flint glass, pressed, two-piece fly trap, patent dated 1890.

Close up of impressed patent date - "PAT. OCT. 28 1890"

Dome shaped fly trap taken apart to show the design. From books and literature from the 1890s, the bottom trough was supposed to be filled with a mixture of milk, water and arsenic or mercury chloride!

Another dome shaped fly trap. This one has the same bottom as the previous one, but the top has a different pattern.

Pressed glass fly trap with fly finial.

Close up of fly finial.

Pressed glass fly like the one above except the finial has been changed to a worm shaped object.

An older blown glass fly trap. Note the blown glass stopper.

Another blown glass fly trap except this one is about half the size as the one above left.

A bottle style fly trap.

A larger bottle style fly trap with original stopper and wire hanger.

The "Unique Fly Trap" has a 1914 patent date, an inserted fly screen cone and a tin lid. This is a blown-molded piece and some examples do not have the patent day, just Pat. Appl'd.

A two-piece molded fly trap that appears to be of more recent origin than true Victorian era. These have begun to show up in considerable numbers and may be of the same origin as the current glut of bottle style traps.

I say this because the glass does not appear to be the "normal" flint glass that the early press-molded traps were made from.


Screen Type Fly Traps