Ent 462

Classes of Arthropods - Crustacea

Order Amphipoda -

Amphipods are similar to isopods except that the body is laterally compressed. Like the isopods, the six to seven segmented throax is not covered by a carapace (as in the decapods) and the abdominal segments are fused together. Most species are marine, but some fresh water and semi-terrestrial species are found. The common "sandfleas" are species of amphipods that live along oceanic shorelines where they commonly jump on animals and bite.

Two fresh water amphipods (from an Ohio pond) showing how they are laterally compressed (side-to-side flattened).

Fresh water amphipod, dorsal view. Notice the stalked protozoans attached to its exoskeleton!

Side view of fresh water amphipod. Notice two pairs of antennae and eggs held under the side flaps of the exoskeleton.