MPHM Program
MPHM is Ohio State's first Professional Science Master's degree. Many courses are now available to distance students via web conferencing.
Masters in Plant Health Management
What's that bug?
C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic can help with insect identification.
butterfly on milkweed
Cutting-edge Research
Free Bee ID Guide for Ohio
This PDF guide was developed by Scott Prajzner and Mary Gardiner.
Mary Gardiner and bee image

Department of Entomology

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The Department of Entomology is seeking candidates for two tenure track faculty positions:   Assistant Professor, Horticultural Food Crops IPM Assistant/Associate Professor, Agronomic Crop Insect Management
What was one of the most common trees in Ohio is all but gone, but some communities are still fighting to save the imperiled ash. Interview on WKSU with Dr. Dan Herms.
normal and bloated mosquito
An Ohio State University researcher and his collaborators have discovered a chemical that causes "kidney" failure in mosquitoes, which may pave the way to the development of new insecticides to fight deadly mosquito-transmitted diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.